Property insurance

Motor vehicle insurance

We offer both obligatory third party liability insurance (OC) and additional insurance - AC, Assistance and NNW/Personal Accident Insurance.

Third party liability is a guarantee that the insurer will cover costs in the event of damage to other road users. We protect the property, health and life of the victims.

Autocasco (AC) comprehensive motor insurance- protects you in the event of damage, loss or destruction of your vehicle. AC means safety and peace of mind that you will appreciate in many situations - from minor damage to total damage or theft of the vehicle.

Thanks to the additional Assistance package, you will be able to enjoy calmly the comfort of owning a car - without worrying about breakdowns or bumps. In every situation, we will surround you with comprehensive support and care in the field of service, information, legal and medical assistance at the site of an accident or breakdown. You will appreciate it especially during holiday trips and wherever an unfortunate event may thwart your plans.

Be sure to take care of the personal accident insurance of the driver and passengers. Provide yourself and them with financial support in the face of permanent consequences of accidents. NWW-Personal Accident Insurance also guarantees payment of the benefit in the event of death.

Housing Insurance

Secure what is most valuable. Home insurance protects not only your home, but also you and your family. We take care of your peace of mind even in the most difficult life situations.

Home insurance means comfort and a sense of security for you and your loved ones. Each family has different needs, that’s why we offer different packages and variants so that you can choose the best one for you. Insure your home against flooding, fire, theft and other random events and enjoy family peace.

Personal insurance (professional, third party liability, accident insurance)

Professional third-party liability insurance provides support in the event of damage caused as a result of an act or omission while practicing the profession.

Who is the most frequent user of third party liability insurance? Lawyers, attorneys, architects, tax advisers - representatives of, among others, these professions must take care of professional civil liability insurance. More and more often people performing other professions also use this type of insurance to ensure their safety and comfort at work.

Liability insurance in private life is protection during everyday activities. Protect yourself against the consequences of unforeseen circumstances / random events, as a result of which the aggrieved request compensation.

An accident can happen to anyone. Individual accident insurance will not protect you against it, but will provide the necessary financial assistance, thanks to which you will return to life stabilization faster. It is a guarantee of safety in any unexpected situation.

Health insurance (hospital treatment, medical packages)

Safety for you and your family. The health policy protects your health - without bothersome queues and many months (or even years!) Of waiting for an appointment.

Health is the most important capital you have. We will choose an offer for you that will protect you and save you time and money. Choose the package that best suits your needs in terms of protection and available benefits.

Company insurance (property, liability insurance) for small and medium-sized enterprises, corporate insurance, insurance guarantees

We are your business partner - we provide comprehensive protection for small, medium and large companies. We protect your business regardless of its size and scale of operation. Protect your company, the property of the company and employees and their families in the event of random events depending on the specificity of the industry in which you operate. We offer comprehensive and flexible packages for companies, covering not only property, but also civil liability and other aspects related to conducted business activity.

Your assets and your company are your capital - we will make sure that you can take care of developing your business without worrying about accidents.

Fleet insurance

Fleet insurance allows you to cover all company vehicles under one contract. This offer is addressed to all companies that own at least a few vehicles. It's convenience and savings for your business.

As part of the fleet insurance, you can take advantage of the obligatory third party liability insurance for vehicle owners or choose an individual package, supplemented with additional security for your company, such as Autocasco, personal accident insurance for the driver and passengers or Assistance.

Thanks to the fleet insurance, you conclude one collective contract and pay lower premiums! Secure your company's vehicles with their equipment and enjoy the convenience of such a solution.

Travel insurance

First of all, travels are beautiful memories and adventures - get the best of them. Travel insurance is your guarantee of a successful holiday. Protect yourself in the event of theft, accident, loss of health and tropical diseases so that you can focus fully on what matters most - collecting amazing moments.

Travel safely around the country and abroad - travel insurance offers a number of options, including reimbursement of medical expenses, return to the country and assistance in many situations that may arise during your trip, such as luggage theft or flight delay. Feel safe even in the farthest corners of the world!

Agricultural insurance

We perfectly know and understand the needs of farmers. We protect your property - the farm and the people who work there. Secure your future and get to know our offer of compulsory and voluntary insurance.

We will protect your buildings against the elements, force majeure, we will protect agricultural equipment and farm equipment, crops and animals. Our packages will protect your farm and employees from accidents and risks typical for the agricultural industry.

We enable any combination of mandatory and voluntary packages, so that you can choose the perfect offer for you.

Property insurance
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