Subsidies (grants) are a form of financial aid for various entities. With ap7 you will get the funds necessary for the implementation of your project!

Investments, particularly in the case of real estate, require large financial resources - adequate capital to cover the project costs. Subsidies make it possible to achieve a business goal. Receiving financial support, however, is not a simple task, it requires meeting a number of conditions, providing relevant documents, and completing applications.

Our real estate specialist will guide you through the entire process of acquiring subsidy, starting from taking the first steps to obtain a grant and ending with its settlement.

What conditions must be met to receive a subsidy?

When talking about subsidies, customers very often ask two questions - what are the conditions for receiving the subsidy and whether the funds will have to be returned? At this point, we would like to explain that we should distinguish between non-returnable grants and repayable grants. You can apply for funding in various institutions.

In order to become a beneficiary of funds, one must meet the conditions specified in a given programme. Some projects are directed only to small enterprises, others to public benefit organizations, and some to local government units. So the first step on the way to getting a grant is to precisely identify who can become a beneficiary.

The funds may be used not only by specific entities, but also only for a specific purpose, e.g. for revitalization or development of entrepreneurship.

Get a subsidy with ap7!

We offer substantive and professional support in the field of obtaining subsidies. First, we will help you identify the idea and the goal to be achieved with the funds raised. Then we'll look for a source of financing.

There are only a few steps left to obtain financing. An extremely important stage is signing the contract, which will define the rules for granting the subsidy and the obligations of the beneficiary. Later, all that remains is to complete the project and its settlement.

Do you have an idea for an investment? Contact us and see how we can help you.