Are you considering a mortgage, cash loan or looking for another source of real estate financing? At ap7, we offer our help in obtaining of financing, insurances tailored to your needs and also we can suport you in investing . A financial expert will prepare an individual offer for you. Find out what financing services we offer to individual and business clients.

Managing household finances is a real challenge. The purchase of real estate and other investments require appropriate financial resources. Financial expert specialize in advising on, for example, various sources of financing.

We guarantee our clients substantive assistance in the field of real estate financing and access to a wide loan offer.

A help in obtaining of financing

A housing loan, a mortgage loan for building a house or buying real estate - these are very often used sources of financing.

Is a mortgage a good solution? Undeniably, loans and credits are an extremely common instrument used to finance larger investments or simply everyday needs. It should be noted that the banks' offer changes day by day, and the offer that was valid yesterday, may change significantly today.

The financial expert deals with advising on mortgage loans and other credits.

Our financial experts will help in selecting an individual offer that will not only be the most advantageous from the client's point of view, but will also meet the client's needs. When analyzing the loan offer, you need to pay attention to many details, for example the actual annual interest rate (APR) or the conditions of early repayment of the liability. The possibility of a grace period for loan repayment for a specified period is also important, i.e. to postpone the repayment of an installment.

As part of our services, a financial expert:

  • will compare the available loan and credit offers from different banks,
  • will explain the provisions on the actual cost of the credit or loan,
  • will advise on completing the documents necessary to obtain a credit or loan,
  • will help in filling in the appropriate forms,
  • will improve the loan granting process thanks to faster contact between the bank and the developer.

Credit experts will help you get not only a mortgage, but also a cash loan, a car loan, a consolidation loan, a credit to buy an apartment from a developer or on the secondary market, a loan for construction and home renovation.

The offer addressed to individual clients

Our financial advisers will help clients make decisions about obtaining a loan or credit. We offer several different advisory channels - ranging from banking and credit, to insurance and investment.

Thanks to professional help, you will learn how to manage your finances to make these activities more optimal.

If you are looking for a source of financing for the purchase or construction of a house, one of the best solutions is a low-interest mortgage. You can also opt for a cash loan, especially if you have a significant amount of funds accumulated, covering most of the investment.

A financial expert must analyse the individual situation to advise on the best solution. It is also important to carefully check the available credit offers.

What’s important, we also offer our clients consultations with a legal advisor and accountant, thanks to which it is possible to obtain complete information in the field of finance, taxes and law. It should be emphasized that while it is extremely easy to decide to sign a loan agreement with a bank, in fact you should remember about the consequences of choosing a variable interest rate and the costs that will have to be borne.

Financial experts always emphasize that loans should be taken with caution, and a thorough analysis of the bank's offer beforehand will avoid later disappointments.

Still not sure which financing source to choose? Are you considering mortgage loans, but have doubts about the consequences of such a commitment? Our financial expert will explain you the differences between the various types of loans and credits.

The offer addressed to business clients

In ap7 financial experts - Corporate Financing Team ap7 finances colaborate with many banks and cooperative banks. Importantly, we help at the stage of financial planning, preparing a business plan and identifying market and company opportunities.

Our financial expert presents the client with an individualized credit offer related to the industry in which the business is conducted.

We would like to emphasize that financial experts not only help to obtain a loan or a credit, e.g. working capital, investment or technology credit, but also other sources of financing, including leasing, we offer assistance in creating effective factoring lines.

A financial expert is a professional who should be contacted before starting the investment.

If you are wondering about the source of financing an investment or other expenses, contact us - a financial expert will indicate and explain the best solutions.

Individual clients
Business clients