We have a wide investment offer in ap7. Do you want to secure your future and that of your loved ones? Take action - explore ways of investing and saving money. Contact our specialists also if you already have investment solutions.

Many people mistakenly associate investing with high risk. However, investments are an extremely wide range of products, including savings plans or treasury bonds. We carry out smaller or larger investments every day. Buying a new car, an apartment or furniture for the living room - financial resources are necessary for all the things mentioned above. Only proper planning and financial management allow you to meet financial challenges. Many people do not realize how much money they lose due to a lack of budget planning. As a result, there is a shortage of funds, even for small investments, and additional sources of financing must be sought.


1. Find out more about our investment offer


ap7 is co-created by a group of specialists. We have prepared an attractive investment offer for our clients. We emphasize that our activities are not focused only on proposing given solutions, but we also take care of the educational part of the investment, developing the financial awareness of our clients.


Investments - range of products offered:


  • saving plans,
  • investment deposits,
  • alternative investments,
  • brokerage accounts,
  • treasury bonds,
  • commercial bonds.

Do you want to secure your child's future, or maybe learn how to invest for an additional retirement pension? Find out more about what we can offer you.

Our advisors will explain how to allocate savings, why it is worth choosing specific solutions in a given case, thanks to which you will learn how to get many benefits from the financial market.


2. How to manage your finances effectively ?


Investment is a concept that you are not familiar with? Do you prefer classic forms of saving, consisting in depositing free funds in your bank account? See how much you can gain from investments.

Operating on the financial market without proper knowledge is quite risky. In ap7 we meet the needs of clients interested in investing. Our specialists will prepare the investor's plan, systematize the capital portfolio, and show how it can be effectively managed over time - all these activities will be undertaken taking into account the individual preferences of the client. Scrupulous implementation of assumptions will enable to reach the goals set at the beginning of the investment.

Do you already have investment solutions? Our specialists will help you manage them. Effective financial management and investments - thanks to these solutions, you will make your dreams come true, which seem extremely abstract and distant. These are the best alternatives for loans, which in turn are the fastest way to gain funding, but on the other hand are related to the payment of interest and other charges.

Are you interested in our offer? Are you seriously considering investing? We encourage you to contact us and learn more about our services and available products.

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