About us

Are you looking for an offer tailored to your needs? As part of financial services, we offer our clients a variety of advice - from obtaining additional sources of financing to investment assistance. We are not afraid of challenges and we are able to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Our offer is addressed to both individual and business customers. Are you planning to buy a house or other real estate? Are you looking for a loan for business development, financing the purchase of new equipment? Our credit advisor will help you choose the best offer.

At ap7 real estate agency, we offer financial solutions tailored to individual needs!

Obtaining credit with ap7 - see what our financial advisor will offer you

We have a wide range of financial and investment advisory services. A credit advisor will help you get a loan, provide information on investments, and help you complete the formalities.

We also cooperate with notary offices and law firms, thanks to which we offer comprehensive activities in terms of financing.

A credit advisor will provide individual clients with comprehensive information on available loans, their types, forms of repayment security, and will also help to choose the best offer. Mortgage loan, cash loan, credit to buy a car - there are many offers on the market, with significantly different repayment terms. Choosing a bank and the method of financing is a decision with great consequences. When selecting a loan, you should pay attention to many issues, and above all the conditions of granting the credit. Some banks provide the option of deferring the installment payment and "bonuses". The credit advisor will analyse the client's expectations and on this basis he will advise the offer that best suits client’s preferences. Some clients want to spread the repayment period as long as possible, while others want lower interest rates.

At ap7, we have a personalized offer tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. The credit advisor will offer business clients a source of financing that best suits their preferences. There is a wide range of products available on the market aimed at entrepreneurs managing both small and medium-sized and large enterprises. For several years now, leasing has been one of the most popular solutions, although this is not the only offer addressed to business customers. A credit advisor will help you analyse the conditions of specific solutions and assist in choosing the best one.

Our financial broker will help you invest!

Are you interested in investing? Are you looking for products where you can invest your savings? Our financial advisor will explain to you how to effectively manage your finances, what's more - he will also take care of developing your investment awareness, so that you will be able to make your own investment decisions.

A financial advisor will help you organize your capital portfolio. Do you already have investment solutions? Do you have the impression that you do not fully control the funds allocated? Contact us - a financial advisor will show you simple tools that will greatly facilitate investment management.

In this regard, it is worth relying on the help of a professional such as a financial intermediary.