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As part of our services addressed to business clients, we offer credit counseling. Get familiar with our offer and see how we can help you. We will find solutions optimal for your needs and possibilities. Currently, banks offer a wide range of products for entrepreneurs, e.g. leasing, investment loans, working capital loans. AP7 specialists will not only help you choose the best banking products, but also advise you on how to manage your finances.

Make a decision to use the services of our credit counseling.


2. Explore the proposed credit products


Are you planning to buy e.g. a car or other equipment? Are you wondering if leasing is a good solution for your company? Do you want to know what exactly is it? Leasing is an increasingly popular form of financing that combines the features of a loan and a lease. As part of the lease agreement, a given item is put into use by the lessee for a fixed monthly payment. Leasing can be compared to hire purchase or long-term rental.

It should be added that leasing is a general concept - at least several types should be distinguished, e.g. financial leasing, operational leasing, consumer leasing and leaseback.

Leasing is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs - today you can use not only cars under leasing, but also the necessary equipment, machines or production lines, and even furniture and software you can use under leasing. We will find the most advantageous leasing offers for your company, thanks to which you will develop your business!

Investment loan

If you need funds for business development, an investment loan is the solution for you. An investment loan is a loan granted primarily to companies - to cover the costs of new investments. Its most important feature is the high upper limit of the available amounts.

Investment loans are, however, solutions dedicated not only to entrepreneurs, but also to natural persons - you will use the money obtained in this way to purchase, for example, real estate, appliances or equipment necessary for the development of the investment.

Bank guarantee

A bank guarantee is becoming an increasingly popular form of securing claims. Entrepreneurs who run a business that require frequent and intensive business contacts with contractors from all over the world, often use it.

Increase your credibility in business - we will help you obtain a bank guarantee, thanks to which you will minimize the risk and ensure the security of your transactions.

Working capital credit

Are you running a small or medium-sized enterprise? Working capital credit for companies is the solution for you. The working capital loan is dedicated to companies that need short-term support in financing their current operations.

Ap7 experts will help you solve your liquidity problems and choose the most convenient banking products that will support your business.

Consolidation and refinancing

Do you want to reduce your installment or lower the interest rate on your loan? We offer support in consolidating and refinancing your liabilities. We will choose the most advantageous solution for you in order to make debt repayment as easy as possible - on the most profitable terms on the market.


3. Why is it worth choosing the credit counseling we provide

Credit advisory is an offer addressed to you if:

  • you are looking for an additional source of financing,
  • you need professional help in choosing the best solution,
  • you want to get assistance in financial management.

Our credit advisory is a service tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs interested in developing and expanding their business.

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