Credits are one of the most common forms of financing larger investments, as well as everyday needs. Currently, banks inundate customers with various offers, more or less favorable. Offers are becoming more and more affordable, what's more - you can often find promotional loans with, for example, a reduced commission. Such a wide range of products that can be used makes many people hesitate and wonder which offer is actually the most optimal and tailored to their needs. At ap7, our credit advisor will help you find the best offer.

As part of our services, we offer financial advice for individual and business clients.


1. Credits For Individual Clients


We offer individual clients a variety of credit products - from cash loans for any purpose, ending with mortgage loans.


Banking products for individual customers:


  • cash loan: it is characterized by no need to indicate the purpose of the funds obtained and no additional security. The cost of such a loan usually includes interest, commissions, fees, and in some cases also insurance,
  • mortgage loan: it is primarily a loan for building a house or purchasing real estate, e.g. a building plot. Most often, the repayment of the liability is spread over many years. This is one of the reasons why you should carefully analyse the loan terms. A mortgage loan requires own contribution, e.g. 20% of the value of the purchased property. The cost of the loan includes, among others interest, fees and margin, which is variable. A mortgage is a cheaper solution than a cash loan. However, it should be remembered that the longer the repayment period, the higher the total cost of the credit. Are you considering choosing a given offer? Our credit advisor will explain all the costs related to the loan in detail and advise you on choosing the best offer,
  • other credits: credits that are used to finance a specific purpose, eg a loan to buy a car or a consolidation loan, should also be distinguished.

Are you looking for an additional source of financing? Our credit advisor will compare the offers available on the market with you and discuss them thoroughly.


2. Credits For Business Customers


Conducting business activity requires investment, and therefore it is necessary to obtain additional funds. At ap7, we cooperate with many banks, we prepare individual offers for clients, tailored to a given industry.

Our credit advisor will help you choose the best offer. Importantly, we will take action at the stage of the client's financial planning, formulating market opportunities or creating a business plan.


Banking products for companies:


  • leasing: it is a civil law contract concluded for a specified period. On the basis of the leasing agreement, the lessee receives, for example, a car for use in return for a fixed monthly fee. As part of leasing, it is also possible to use other items, e.g. computer equipment,
  • investment credit: it is used to finance new investments, e.g. purchase of real estate, equipment,
  • working capital facility: do you need short-term support? With a working capital loan you will finance your current operations,
  • bank guarantee: this is a type of security for claims. It is a confirmation of the entrepreneur's credibility, which in turn is of great importance in business contacts,
  • consolidation and refinancing: these solutions facilitate the repayment of liabilities when the entrepreneur wants, for example, to reduce the amount of installments.

Thanks to the cooperation with many banks, our credit advisor will offer you a tailored financial offer. We encourage you to contact us and find out about the full range of available products.

Individual clients
Business clients