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Financial advice is primarily help in obtaining a loan and choosing the best offer. At ap7, we provide comprehensive financial care for individual clients. Our specialists will help you choose an individual, best offer for you. We will provide comprehensive assistance - support in the field of formalities, up to legal and notary services.

In ap7, financial advice is one of our services. Thanks to us, you will save time and gain a guarantee of financial security.


1. Credit intermediation - explore our offer


Mortgage loan


Mortgage loans are the most popular form of real estate financing. The purchase of a house / flat /apartment/ premisises / plot requires appropriate funds. An additional source of financing, which is a mortgage, allows you to quickly get the necessary money. For people who are considering choosing a mortgage, we recommend our financial advice. AP7 specialists have already helped thousands of people to make their dreams of their own property come true.

The decision on a mortgage loan obliges you for years - we will help you prepare for it and we will provide you with comprehensive care throughout the entire process. Most often, mortgage loans are for very high amounts. Therefore it is worth carefully analysing the available credit offers. Our financial advisor will help you choose the best offer, explain the rules of repayment. With the help of our specialists, you can easily turn your dreams into the keys to your dream property.

We have helped many people to obtain a loan to make their dreams of their own apartment or a house come true - thanks to the customers who have trusted us and chosen our credit intermediation - this number is growing every day.


A cash loan


A cash loan is a more expensive form than a mortgage due to the higher bank risk (resulting from the lack of material security). The costs of such a loan may range from 7% to even 30% of the APRC per year.

A cash loan can be obtained for any purpose. Banks' offers vary widely. It is worth paying attention to the rules of repayment of loan installments, e.g. whether it is possible to repay the liability earlier without incurring additional costs.

We will help you choose the best offer and arrange all formalities, thanks to which you will get cash for any purpose in a short time. Contact us and select an offer with no hidden fees, commissions or insurance. You can borrow with us on the best terms.


Other types of credits and loans


Our credit intermediation, apart from cash and mortgage loans, covers many different financial products, including car loans, consolidation.

In ap7 we will help you compare the available offers and choose the best one. The conclusion of the credit agreement is always a serious commitment.


2. Find out why you should choose our financial advice


We offer our clients:


  • credit counseling,
  • banking advisory,
  • Investment consulting.


By choosing our credit intermediation, you gain:


  • comparison of offers from many banks,
  • detailed discussion of credit terms and conditions and the rules of repayment liabilities,
  • assistance in completing documents and formalities,
  • legal and notary services,
  • an explanation of the credit costs incurred.

Comprehensive activities allow us to provide services at the highest level and help clients make decisions that will affect their future. Currently, the banks' loan offer is extremely flexible. However, choosing a loan or a credit is a big challenge. First of all, because individual offers differ significantly, among others terms of repayment of the liability, commission, interest. It is not easy to analyse offers without specialist knowledge. Our financial advice is provided by professionals.

By comparing many available credit products, we can offer our clients solutions that will be tailored to their needs.

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