About us

As an insurance agency, we have been operating on the market for several years. We cooperate with many companies on the insurance market, we offer our clients insurance that is favorable and tailored to individual preferences

Insurance companies are constantly expanding their offer to attract new clients by offering extensive insurance coverage.

At ap7 Kraków, we have an extensive insurance offer, including: property insurance, home insurance, flat/apartment insurance, motor insurance and even life policies.

We cooperate with with PZU, Ergo Hestia, Generali, Warta, HDI, Allianz, InterRisk, Uniqa, Compensa and many other companies, trying to constantly expand our colaboration.

Tailor-made insurance

Regardless of whether you are interested in home insurance, flat/apartment insurance or completely different protection, our insurance agency will prepare a personalized and tailored offer for you.

Insurances may have a wider or narrower scope of protection, packages that are often slightly more advantageous than individual solutions may be an ideal solution. One example is the combination of third party liability insurance with personal accident insurance - this option is very often chosen by vehicle owners.

Importantly, we approach each client individually, first defining their needs, so we can offer the best solution.

ap7 Kraków insurance agency - check why you should take advantage of our offer

  • Our offer includes a wide range of products.
  • We prepare individual offers tailored to the client's preferences.
  • We monitor our clients' insurance, thanks to which they do not have to keep an eye on the expiry dates of their policies - before the end of the insurance we will contact you and present an individualized, previously prepared offer.
  • We deal with after-sales insurance service and our participation does not end at the time of signing the insurance contract. We help, among others report the damage, sell the vehicle, terminate the insurance contract.
  • We provide information on insurance, not directly related to the conclusion of the insurance contract.

Why is it worth considering entering into insurance contract?

As a rule, two basic types of insurance can be distinguished - compulsory and voluntary. An example of compulsory insurance is motor third party liability insurance, while voluntary insurance includes personal accidend insurance or home insurance.

The conclusion of an insurance contract means obtaining real protection in case of an event covered by the contract.

More and more insurance contracts are being concluded undeniably. It certainly increases the awareness of insurance. In addition, there are many unforeseen events, in the event of which it is important to have additional financial security, and this is what the payment of funds from the insurance policy is.

It should also be pointed out that some banks, before granting, for example, a mortgage, require the conclusion of a real estate insurance contract combined with the transfer of receivables under the insurance agreement to the bank. This is also a kind of protection, apart from a mortgage.

Are you still considering concluding an insurance contract? Not sure which offer to choose? We encourage you to contact us and get acquainted with our offers. By limiting the number of formalities, we enable the finalization of the contract by phone or e-mail.