Why is it profitable to invest in home staging?

Home staging is a phenomenon that, like many others, came to us from the West. It is a very popular method of selling apartments on the local market. These are all activities aimed at increasing its attractiveness and obtaining an image that will encourage potential customers to finalize the transaction.

What is the effectiveness of home staging? First of all, it should be noted that most of the clients are based on eyesight and emotions. If they like something, there's a good chance that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. That is why homestaging is so effective - it focuses on the advantages and eliminates the disadvantages. So what can be done to better expose the apartment?


Professional photos is a must - nowadays it is the first step that makes us interested in an apartment at all. Let's face it - if we take poor photos, in which the apartment will turn out like a dark hole, we cannot count on a queue of people willing to buy our property. As we can see in the photos below, the quality of the photo is crucial to draw the customer's attention. We can show the same apartment from completely different perspectives. What can we do to achieve the best effect?


  1. Take care of lighting - just like in the film, good lighting determines how we see an object. Living in a bad light can seem small and cramped, which is one of the worst experiences a buyer can have. Therefore, it is good to take pictures during the day, and if you have the opportunity, also take care of the equipment that will properly capture the light. This will allow you to show the apartment at its best.

  2. Order - it is obvious, but not always. We should clean up our space as much as possible, remove the smallest dust, stains or dirt. Many people just vacuum the floor and wash the dishes, but that's not all. The apartment should be ready to move in.

  3. Neutrality - the photo should make the apartment as neutral as possible. And that means devoid of any personal belongings, souvenirs or everyday products. As we can see in the photos above, we cannot allow cornflakes to be visible in the kitchen, soap in the bathroom and a dog on the bed. Although it’s cute. The apartment must be free from our traces.

  4. Wide shots - it is also important that the photos are wide and cover the largest possible space. This will provide customers with better insight into the apartment's topography. They should also cover specific places - bedrooms, living room or kitchen.


First impression - when our photos convince the client, we will be able to show him/her the apartment in practice. We need to make the best impression on our client: don't run away from the answer and give the client the full attention. In conjunction with exposing the advantages of the apartment, we can achieve the desired effect.

Of course, home staging has nothing to do with a deceptive practices, , we do not distort the image of our apartment, we simply show its strong points. We can hire someone who will take care of all of the above factors, or we can do it ourselves. Research conducted on home staging shows that these activities translate in a practical way both into finding a buyer faster and negotiating a better transaction price. So if you plan to sell an apartment, it is worth taking advantage of the above practices.

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