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Sale of property is not an easy task. The first step is to create an attractive offer that will encourage a potential customer to read its content. You should focus on accurately presenting the advantages of an apartment or a house. However, this is not as easy as it may seem. It is important to present the property accurately.

How to sell a house, for example? Many sellers are looking for answers to this question. They often want to sell their property as quickly as possible. Even the best offer and an attractive price will not bring the intended results if it is not presented to the target group. It is extremely important to publish the offer on various internet portals.

Our real estate agency offers assistance in selling properties. Thanks to many years of experience, we have been operating efficiently on the real estate market.


You do not know how to sell, for example, a house to close the transaction quickly, instead of looking for a buyer for years? Entrust this task to industry professionals and get:

  • assistance in completing the formalities: the transfer of property ownership involves certain obligations, it can only be made in the form of a notarial deed,
  • help in finding a buyer: the real estate agent is familiar with the market perfectly and knows on which portals to post an advertisement for the sale of a house or apartment,
  • assurance of the security of transactions,
  • publication of an advertisement in the agency's advertisement database,,
  • assistance in negotiating terms and conditions of the contract.

Selling a house or apartment is a complicated process that consists of several elements. Entrusting a real estate agent with activities is a practical solution. All you need to do is provide us with information about the property and we will take care of all the rest.


Each stage of the property sale must be carefully planned. There is no room for ill-considered, impulsive actions during the sale. For the seller, the most important thing is to sell the property quickly, at the best possible price. These are two main goals. Achieving them will not be possible if the sales process is organized in a chaotic manner.

Another mistake is incorrect determination of the offer price, which will limit the circle of potential buyers from the very beginning. By offering a lower offer price, the seller increases the chances of closing the sale quickly. When determining the price of the property, you should take into account, among others technical condition of the property, location, and the situation on the real estate market.

Contrary to appearances, establishing cooperation with many real estate agencies/brockarage offices will not help you sell your property faster. A big problem in such a situation is the duplication of the same advertisement on many websites, with differences in content, and above all in price, which partially loses credibility.

You do not know how to prepare a property sale advertisement and successfully conduct the sale process? We encourage you to use the services of our ap7 real estate office.

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