We are a Krakow-based agency operating on the real estate market for several years. We offer our clients comprehensive services, dealing with real estate services from a to z.

Are you searching for a flat, house, plot or service premises for sale? Do you want to get familiar with the offer including flats, apartments, houses and premises for rent? Check out our database of real estate brokerage offers.

The real estate market is changing extremely dynamically. With ap7 you can be sure that you will find a property that will meet your expectations. We are aware that the purchase and rental of real estate is a serious undertaking and involves certain financial outlays. It is often necessary to find additional financing, e.g. in the form of a mortgage. Therefore, we offer our customers only those properties that meet the specified parameters.


Customer satisfaction is one of our goals.


We take active steps, we look for tenants and buyers of real estate using many years of experience and contacts in the industry, and we actively promote our clients' offers on various internet portals. We guarantee the effectiveness of the activities carried out, liquidity and, above all, the security of the transaction, thanks to thorough verification of the credibility of the parties to the transaction and the financial and legal condition of the property.

Apartments for rent, flats, houses for sale constitute only a small part of our offer.


At ap7 real estate agency, we operate on many levels, cooperating with specialists from many industries:


  • notarial acts: the sale of each property requires the form of a notarial deed, and the contract concluded in a different form is null and void under the law. It is necessary to submit to the Notary a number of documents regarding the real estate and the parties to the transaction. Our real estate agency cooperates closely with notaries responsible for the correct, consistent with applicable regulations course of real estate sale / purchase transactions,
  • legal advice: cover issues related to real estate law and construction law,
  • geodetic services: which include land surveying, creating maps for design purposes, determining the boundaries of the plot. Before starting some activities on the plot, e.g. building a house, it is necessary to perform geodetic surveys. At ap7, we cooperate with highly qualified surveyors,
  • geological surveys: geologists cooperating with us perform a variety of geological studies, both for the purposes of housing, service and industrial construction,
  • property appraisal: property appraisers determine the real value of a given property. The property valuation carried out by the property appraisers cooperating with us is characterized by accuracy. Real estate valuation is the basis for obtaining a loan, confirms the value of the company's assets,
  • interior design: independent interior design is often tedious and difficult, and despite efforts, the final result sometimes differs from expectations. The interior architects we work with will prepare an interior design project that optimally utilizes the available space, provides an interesting and unconventional visual effect and functionality.


Management of apartments for rent


One of our services is rental management. We will deal with comprehensive care of the apartment, starting with the preparation for rent, ending with representing the owner,on the basis of the power of attorney.

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