In order to meet the expectations of our Clients, we prepared in our offer an additional service related to the management of apartments for rent.

The offer is directed both to Owners living outside the country as well as for those who do not have time to deal with the rented house.

Under the care of the apartment we offer:

  • preparing the apartment for rent (painting, cleaning),
  • the preparation and signing of the lease agreement (on the basis of power of attorney)
  • inspecting the apartment (in accordance with the arrangements set out in the lease)
  • settlement of tenants of all charges and possible debt collection
  • making a deposit fee for the costs of maintaining the common property and the media, property tax, etc.
  • monthly settlement with the Owner,
  • Owner representation on the basis of power of attorney in all matters before the tenant and other entities and authorities.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us via the account form.